The School Environment

The school is located in clean, calm and serene surroundings away from the noisy city centre, at a reasonable distance from most residential areas. It is spread over a 2-acre area that consists of a newly constructed, modern 30,000 sq.ft. building and adequate space for playground & other facilities.

The physical environment is an optimal mix of ambience and amenities that meets varying requirements of different age groups. It reflects beauty, modernity, thoughtfulness and interaction with the elements. It is a place where a variety of modes are available for learners to weave in and out of large and small groups and individual places of learning; a space where children feel a sense of belongingness. Classrooms, libraries, laboratories and activity rooms are laid out in varying forms to inspire interaction and active participation.

Spacious and air-conditioned classrooms offer a comfortable and pleasant learning environment. They are equipped with modern technology aids to enable effective delivery of innovative and interactive teaching.

State-of-the-art laboratories for Science, Computers, Math and Languages facilitate deeper understanding of concepts through practical demonstrations.

Well-equipped library promotes the love for reading and houses a treasure of knowledge to satisfy inquisitiveness to the fullest.

Activity rooms are designed to enhance the learning experience through involvement in creative tasks.

Spacious playground for cricket, football, basketball & volleyball and a swimming pool are perfect avenues for expression of sporting instincts and emphasize our focus on fitness and healthy lifestyle.

Multipurpose modern auditorium provides the platform to showcase talent in performing arts, develop ability to perform with confidence and provide enjoyment of being in the limelight.

Medical Room provides care and treatment of the sick. It has first aid facilities and general medicines.

Cafeteria serves delicious and nutritious vegetarian menu designed by nutritionists.

Establishing a strong school – parent relationship

We understand the trust parents place in us. We believe good home- school relationships are of paramount importance and this is why parents are encouraged to visit us and build strong relationships with the school. Home and school lives play key complementary roles in a child’s education. We aim to offer to and receive from parents as much information and advice as possible to help children learn.

The school follows a no-homework policy, but we expect parents to support their children in research projects as children get older. We value childhood and each child’s right to develop their own interests out of school. At the start of each year every parent will be invited to meet the class teacher to find out the best way they can support their child’s learning. This continues throughout the year and we follow an open communication policy where parents can visit the class teacher with prior appointment.