About Us

Welcome to IRA Global School, a caring, motivating and supportive learning environment for learners to achieve their personal best and become responsible global citizens holding high values and virtues.
The school is a unique effort that aims to impart high quality education by :
  • Understanding a child's growth and development needs through partnership between their peers, parents and teachers.
  • Evaluating and nurturing a child learning abilities.
  • Providing opportunities for to develop and express their creative selves
  • Organizing facilitative learning environment for learners.

Every child has a right to learn with joy and confidence

Children have varying capabilities that require understanding and encouragement.

Children learn better from facilitative teaching than testing.

Children seek diverse platforms for creative expressions.

Children grow more through integrated education than mere syllabi oriented teaching.

Every parent and every child has the right to meaningful education.

The Affiliation

IRA Global School is affiliated to Cambridge University and follows exclusively the CIE (Cambridge International Examination) pattern. Our Registration to Cambridge University is "IN928"